And the winner is….

Yes because that’s what we like, we love winners. Soccer games, Football, Cricket 20/20, Baseball, the Olympics - we love the victors! And Tuesday was no different, Barack Hussein Obama II retains his seat as the President of the United States of America – 2 terms! There, the victorious were happy and the losers were left looking around at the spoils and wondering what went wrong….

So, what went wrong? Now let’s see, I thought they had God’s plan all wrapped up, I thought they were praying up to the rafters. There was so much yapping about “voting the Bible” whatever that shit means, voting your “values” huh what is that one and the floating of the “attack on religion” all the scare tactics and propaganda the manipulative “powers” that be, tried to throw out apparently didn’t stick. And by a margin of about 2 million, the people spoke and you know what; your brand of shit is not floating, well at least not this time. Better luck next time! God certainly was not around, guess he didn’t want the so called God Party to win…what a clusterfuck. Oh what the hell, this God and his plans have been the strange mysterious nonsense for eons.

There you have it people, point is no one likes the miserable, mean and xenophobic and that is what the Republican establishment does not get. You cannot wait until 3 weeks before the election to trot out your tokens, you cannot trot the same “minorities” to wave in front of people to attract them, you cannot fool us. The party if filled to the gills with racist ideology and although they wax on and on about policy the party is NOT inclusive and NOT attractive people of color. Bill O’Reilly had the nerve to speak about the country as how it was not “traditional” anymore, one hears that and thinks, what an astounding jackass. And exactly what do you mean by TRADITIONAL Bill? Yes don’t bother to explain, we can read between the lines.  Do you think you will be attracting people of color anytime soon, who wants to be around a bunch of self serving old bitter white men who’re upset because they think someone stole 1/2 their cheese, or upset that they’re suddenly not head of the food chain! You know what I say to them, get outta here, wheel and come again, regroup, clean house, remove the yahoos, get rid of all the over zealous religious shit and maybe then maybe you might have a shot in there here new world!

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A Freethinking Island

It is HERE!!!! yes the podcast. I’ve been missing in action because I’ve been finding other outlets to express myself and now the Freethinking Island Podcast where you can come to join myself and David Ince and free up yaself and your mouth and give it liberty. On this island and open mind is your passport and when you pull up it will be a beautiful crowd of other non-believers, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers and all others that are seeking refuge if only for an hour from the hum drum and drivel that can be religion. Come join us, vent enjoy the community and know that you’re not alone or crazy. We’re from the Caribbean, we’re skeptics, we’re happy, we enjoy life and we just can’t buy into the glorious delusion that religion offers. So join us on the Island each week, fill your ears with the happy sounds of reason and left the fresh air blow through your minds!!!! Freethinking Island David and I are waiting at the port with a rum and coke on a silver tray!!!

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It’s coming it’s a coming, did a search around the web for Caribbean Skeptics or skeptics from the Caribbean or West Indian Free Thinkers and nothing nothing. This is an area that isn’t examined, not talked about. I remember once sharing my thoughts and a client was shocked, he said I thought that people from Barbados were all super religious, what is this?! Yeah not everyone is drinking the kool-aid and I know that I’m not the only one, they’re people sitting in pews with questions and not having a single person to offer them up to least they condemn you to hell or just extinguish the flames of your curiosity. Shutting you up for ever. You struggle on not quite believing but not able to find anyone to bounce these ideas off of. I was motivated by hearing that where I came from a Priest had the nerve to actually talk rationally on the radio and petitions PETITIONS were submitted to push him off air. This in a free country, this mobilized me, and I thought, this must not continue to go on…Religion is truly the enemy to democracy and free thought! More to come.

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Efff the whole Shebang!


This is about how I feel right about now about religion, yes all forms. All forms the human self imposed wanna be righteous bullshit. Yes religion and I don’t care about people that say, oh you just don’t have an open mind….yah whatever. So why this rant, well yesterday I got a call from my Godfather who’d gone missing; and by missing I mean off the grid. Off our grid. Disappeared, no calls no call backs no showing up on the phone or otherwise. Well apparently some years ago he had a low point and yes we sometimes have low points in our lives but the human excrement that is the Jehovah’s Witness program uh I mean cult or sect of Christianity that seems to take the award for being able to scoop persons at their lowest; somehow weaseled their way into his life. After weaseling their way there, they then operated like a virus and took over his unfortunately weak mind. I’m sure cutting him off from all his past friends, no birthday greetings no more visits when I come back home (I don’t live in the same country) nothing. Off the fucking grid. I have a special type of hatred for Jehovah Witnesses who are somehow able to take weak and broken people and just control them, cutting them off from their family and friends, controlling them via mental terrorism and emotional blackmail. My long lost uncle fell prey to them too. Now we get a call back from Godfather from 4 years ago saying that he’s in a coma and pray for him, now we’ve to reunite with him in an unconscious state. Great, he was “working for God” so why do you need us to pray for you know, thought you and god were homeboys….Fuck Religion, if there ever was a devil he truly was the architect of this organized filth.

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John Hagee is a Douche!!!

And for more proof of God’s existence well what do you know, in my pocket all along! – “our coins say – in God we trust” So there! ah ha God does existeth you evil atheist, yah, now get gone!!! Ah that Christian love or more like a vengeful old man, humm like the God of the old testament, always pissed off and raging!

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60,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews Against the Internet

So when I read this article in NY Daily News this lovely Monday morning I couldn’t help but snicker aloud, and think REALLY!!!! Ahhh how refreshing, the few mindless are terribly insecure about the onslaught of modern technology, reminds me of something Christopher Hitchens said about religious folks, they fear the coming of the future like witches fear the coming of daylight, or something like that. Yes technology and a click of the fingers on Google and all the nonsense and gobbldegook that these religious nuts are peddling goes poof!!! Seen by the youngsters for the garbage that it is. One speaker said that “with one click you lose control and are whisked into a world you never intended to see” Huh, that’s strange, I’ve been using the internet for over 15 years and I’ve never “clicked” somewhere or on something that I didn’t intend to “see” So I guess this was a rally to hype up porn for Ultra Orthodox Jews, cause that woulda surely peaked any guys interest in attendance. All these rules and these guys still have NO measure of self control or decency. As for losing control, well you’ve got to be one of these super mindless pent up repressed muppets to totally go berserk on the internet, trawling for porn sites and jump offs on Ashley Madison and Facebook.  And what exactly were they calling for, will this impact us “goys” as they like to call us, and if the internet is bad, whey the hell did they stream the silly nonsense on the said INTERNET And why is everyone so obsessed with this unattainable,  fake “purity”? Man I just can’t get my head around people.  I guess I hold people to too high a standard, maybe the good Rabbis know exactly the crowd they’re dealing with lol  Ahhh the dragon roars loudest when it’s dying!!!

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Rabbi Accused….rally the troops!

I saw this video posted on the ThinkOutLoud group on Facebook and I couldn’t help think about Pat Condell’s comment; “religion is the natural home of the psycho” and watching the Hasids mobilize themselves around an accused sexual deviant this week reminded me again. To see hundreds, maybe even thousands of thugs and miscreants dressed in black, circle their evil wagons around this alleged respected (and unlicensed psychotherapist) Rebbe Nechemya Weberman was jaw dropping; shocking and it made me shudder. Shudder to think that the poor accuser in this community will now know no peace, she will be terrorized, tormented, family ruined and the only world that she knew turned upsided down, vilified and possible thrown out of the “community” all because she dared to speak out and utter that something wrong happened. What about if this happens again, would anyone want to even squeak out a complaint, come forward if this is what happens? The men all rallied around the Rebbe/Rabbi, even if it was a mistaken accusation; just the shear numbers said to the community and the world “we don’t take kindly to anyone speaking out, coming forward or contacting anyone in the secular world” They now seek to raise money for this man. I don’t know the tenets of the case so much but recently there have been many cases that threaten to crack the utopian veneer of the Hasidic community and they are not too happy. All I could think that all these men’s minds and brains are on froze, permanently damaged, controlled and in a vice grip of so called “leaders” and respected, “religious scholars” (what a laugh) They operated on a knee jerk model, point a finger and they spring into action. Having a fundraiser for an accused man!!! If he was so respected and successful, how come he has not money for his defense!? All anyone has to say is, “oh I know him and he’s a respected man!” really, like respected people don’t do anti-social things, like the biggest psychos weren’t perfect acting humans

However I can bet that at the helm of this raging mob is a psychopath no doubt, pulling the strings, orchestrating the mob, controlling the behaviors, the what the where and the hows of countless people who no doubt look up to these so called masters. These guys want to shun the “world” because in their high minded opinions, we’re evil and dirty and corrupt. I think they want to shun the world like an abusive husband wants to cut off his wife from her friends. Because once they cut the mindless flock off, there is no end to what the psycho at the helm cannot do, no end to the tyranny that can be visited on the sheep and no end to what they can get the sheep to take part in. To the Hasids of Brooklyn, shame on you! How are these people allowed to circumvent all the rules that the rest of us have to play by, just who are they and how did they gain so much control? That’s for another blog but for now, you Hasids can now share the stage with an ever growing legion of notorious social misfits and bullet proofed religious psychopaths…

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The Gay Firestorm!

The self righteous blather is all abuzz these last few days since President Obama says he is in favor of gay marriage, so what!
Welcome to 2012 where people are locked in battle over not minding their own businesses and cherry picking from an old book that someone who told someone who told someone who told probably some pastor or your parents was – wait for it – THE WORD OF GOD!!! Yes that would be the Bible. The book that doesn’t govern the country but somehow has been inserted into the national dialogue on gay marriage. Well the way I see marriage these days, and the facts are in; 50% of all the marriages end in divorce, so if gay people want to join the fracas hey let them. There are a few things that I think of when deciding if something is right or wrong. Here they go, does it affect me, are the persons involved doing anything hurtful to someone else, are they doing something that is a non-consenting act to someone else and was the object of such an action in consent with the action. Linking gay marriage to the precedent of legalizing child rape or molestation is off the mark, children don’t consent to, or asked to be abused and they cannot make decisions about sex and should never be subjected to any type of abuse. Those are unwarranted hurtful actions. However 2 random adult people going about their business in love, who the hell are these people to interject themselves into people’s lives? Did that affect your marriage, indeed if you have one. I am trying to figure out the shear hatred, and pulling up the bible does NOT get anyone a pass because if you want to follow it and read correctly then everyone is guilty of some abomination so lets move on. But the real question is why is it so hard for us humans to see others happy, free and going about their lives as they see fit. Why in 2012 are we still mired in mindless superstition unable to move forward, sadly chained to an old book that hasn’t take us anywhere, hasn’t invented or revealed anything other than misery, hate and confusion. I figured if God was talking so much and had so much to say once upon a time, well where the hell is he/she/it now, come forward, and clarify what you really mean……well that’s the sound of crickets, nothing. Equal rights for all people, no one person or set of people are more deserving of rights than others. Even rapists get the due diligence of the law, we might not like it but they do. And I’m sure when they get out they can run off and get married as many of them do. We cannot cherry pick who’s rights are more important than others and religion does not have ownership of love. And as the guy in the video says, they’re about to lose it all, and you know what, they really should.

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Now it’s the Hasids….

Well here it is another day another disgusting tale to tell. Reading this story in the NYTimes not so much made me enraged me but it made me sad, and almost depressed. As I read about children – our most vulnerable of citizens being abused and taken advantage of in the close confines of tight knit religious sects I couldn’t help but be puzzled by the why. Why does this keep presenting itself and why don’t we as humans seem to learn that there are no utopian communities or societies, not Jewish, not Christian, not Islamic, not Secular – NONE! The religious seem to assume that their ranks have a lock, an ownership of morality and so rabid is their assumption that in the face of deviant behavior; the religious continue to wither from holding the fiends accountable. And the saddest aspect of this shrinking away from doing right by the victims; blaming the victims. How could any self respecting human being, any human being with a soul for that matter; do the vile and despicable things to an abuse victim that was visited on some of the victims in this story. Spitting, ignoring, shunning, kicking out of school, pressuring, bribing and vilifying of victims and their families to me is behavior from an age and time that is not even prehistoric but from somewhere dark and evil. Is this what religion offers; conform, pretend all is well and if you see any cracks in the veneer then whoa onto you, unfurl the fury. These bastions of “morality” and guidance offer cover for the dark creatures and predators that skulk among the decent, preying on the devout and unquestioning faithful. It happened with rampant abandon in the Catholic Church, I’m sure Islam has it’s vile stories and heavens know that I’ve seen countless Christian stories with this theme. Just recently a nun accused of stealing countless children in Spain over decades.
What is it about our fascination with the supernatural to the point where these people cannot even think, THINK for themselves. Why do we allow ourselves to be so spellbound by this dogma that in the face of wrong doing we stand paralyzed unable to help to give aid, to think to have empathy, feeling, humility and just shear humanity. Why do we continue to be manipulated by the skillful and savvy “religious leaders” who rarely ever seem to have our best interest at heart, who somewhere in there dark hearts probably don’t even believe in any God but worse than that, they don’t believe in anything and they have no soul…..

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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson – Women Shouldn’t Vote!

Well well well what can I say about this here next subhumanoid, bottom feeding lout; the one calling himself, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Now trending for his declaration that women just muck up things when they’re allowed to vote he actually said that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote!! Yes this is 2012 America that this fool is living and speaking in. A black man with a severe self hatred and what looks to be a very bad nose job. Lauding and basking in the glory of his ignorance! I did a bit of research on this jackass of new and found out that he thanks God for slavery; well because it brought us out of Africa to America – oh happy day!! He also thinks that blacks should be enslaved again to teach them work ethic! Wha??? Check out the video near the end where Peterson has the nerve to say that anything that women are involved in is EVIL! This jackass would be better served if he would just get on the next thing smoking and MOVE to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan!!! Is he for REAL??? How is he operating a church and a non-profit organization! My head is about to pop off. But as much as Jesse Lee Peterson is infuriating, he is also a sad character, he is obviously not mentally stable and has serious issues with women and their success. He will never excel to anything above being a scandal charged lout peddling superstition and hatred his whole life to other dolts that can’t think for themselves. These people come wrapping themselves in the dubious cloak of religion smoothly sliding among the populace and living bullet proof, it is time that we THINK and put people like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson out of business and out at the fringe of society where both him and his ilk belong!!!

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